Showroom tile samples

Porcelain Vs. Ceramic Tile: Differences and Applications

If you’re in the market for new flooring, you might wonder about the differences between porcelain and ceramic tile. Many people understandably confuse the two since they are similar in appearance and used in comparable spaces like bathroom floors or kitchen walls. Our experts at Adda Carpets & Flooring in New Orleans, LA, your headquarters…
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lvp flooring sample

Hardwood Floor Vs. Vinyl Plank: Which is Best for Your Application?

If you’re planning to remodel a building and replace the flooring, you might be considering hardwood or vinyl plank. Both of these flooring options have advantages and disadvantages, making one the best for your application. Here, our team at Adda Carpets & Flooring discusses several factors to help you choose between hardwood floor and vinyl…
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master bath tile

The 5 Different Types of Floor Tiles to Consider for Your Home

Installing floor tiles is an excellent way to add style and personality to your home. Tile flooring comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials to blend in with almost any interior aesthetic or add an extra pop of color. With so many different types of floor tiles, there’s something for everyone. Why Choose Tile Over…
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Metairie, LA Flooring

Sourcing the best materials for Metairie, LA flooring since 1976. New Orlenans area residents are typically stylish, and this extends to every aspect of their lives, including their flooring. When redesigning or building homes in Metairie, many wonder where to turn for their flooring and carpeting needs. Fortunately, there’s a local company providing Metairie, LA flooring…
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Top 3 Vinyl Flooring Types: What to Know

Choosing the Right Flooring Can Make All the Difference in the Look of Your Home. There are three main types of vinyl flooring: sheet, tile, and plank. Sheet vinyl flooring is a large, continuous sheet of vinyl material. It is typically cut to size and then glued or installed with adhesive strips. Tile vinyl flooring is individual…
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Let’s Go on a Safari!

Nothing says Let’s Go on a Safari like warm tones, textured wood and animal print. Our designers at Adda Carpet and Flooring combined top notch design elements to create this beautiful mood board, starting with the Shepparton cabinets by KraftMaid Cabinetry in Cannon Gray on Cherry. These high quality cabinets are rich in color, while…
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