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Sourcing the best materials for Metairie, LA flooring since 1976.

New Orlenans area residents are typically stylish, and this extends to every aspect of their lives, including their flooring. When redesigning or building homes in Metairie, many wonder where to turn for their flooring and carpeting needs. Fortunately, there’s a local company providing Metairie, LA flooring that fits any aesthetic and any budget.

Adda Carpets & Flooring is proud to serve the Metairie community. We offer a range of excellent solutions to promote beautiful design and culture in the city. However you want your floors to look, we can help you achieve that goal.

brown and white wooden Flooring

Family Owned Flooring Store Serving Metairie, LA and the New Orleans Area Since 1976

We founded our company in the New Orleans area in 1976 to provide quality flooring at affordable rates. Adda Carpets & Flooring values beautiful homes and customer service, striving to help as many of our neighbors as we can.

To us, this is more than just a flooring store in Metairie; it’s a passion. We ensure each family can access superior materials to enhance their dream home.

Adda Carpets & Flooring is now the premier flooring company in Metairie, Louisiana. Our team is ready to serve with excellence. With decades of experience, we will consult with you from initial ideas to final installation.

Every home is different. Our team works tirelessly to provide flooring options that fit any preference. Whether you own a rustic style home, or something contemporary, we will help.

What Types of Flooring Are Available in Metairie, LA?

You can enjoy several options when preparing for the next flooring installation. Let’s take a look at how to enhance your Metairie, LA flooring:

Porcelain, Ceramic, & Marble Flooring

Get pristine tile flooring for your bathroom or kitchen. We recommend stunning ceramic colors and textures to match your backsplash and interior design. These durable materials will withstand common stains and damage with proper upkeep.

These materials can create a modern look for any space in the home. Complement Metairie’s historic French architecture by creating beautiful mosaics of tile and porcelain. 

We partner with Dal, Ragno, and ICTC, to name a few brands. These brands offer countless options to choose from when developing your new space. Let our design experts assist you in selecting the right fit for the room.

Carpet Flooring

We source several fabric types for your carpet flooring. Try some of our extensive carpeting options like nylon and solution-dyed BCF polyesters. No matter which material you choose, all will enhance your comfort and your home’s appeal.

Adda Carpets & Flooring pride itself on the professional relationships we build with our partners. Enjoy carpet from nearly a dozen reputable manufacturers like Shaw and Tuftex.

Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking for something a bit more flexible? Vinyl flooring is a beautiful, pet-safe material for your entire home. We’re proud to offer a lifetime residential warranty with every vinyl floor we install.

High-density vinyl is an excellent option for easy maintenance during cleaning and repairs. This water-safe flooring will look stunning in a kitchen, living room, or bath. Vinyl flooring pairs nicely with other home aesthetics like stone and tile.

Hardwood Flooring

Choose our polished hardwood for a traditional Metairie look. We offer numerous wood options that let you customize colors and patterns. A hardwood floor is easy to keep clean and provides a charming atmosphere for family and guests.

Hardwood is excellent if you need a stately and professional look for the room. It can also add a welcoming touch to your space. 

We source our material from brands like Villa Belize, Bella Cera Bergamo, and Prozenza Hardwoods. This way, you can be confident about a quality flooring installation in Metairie, Louisiana.

Contact Us

Do you need superior materials for Metairie, LA, flooring? Look no further than Adda Carpets & Flooring. Speak to our representatives today, to find the right option for your home, by calling 504-350-7967.

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