Regal Beauty Mood Board

This is what our designers at Adda Flooring & Carpet call a statement room. Every individual element in the Regal Beauty mood board screams ‘Look At Me!’. The Maple Poppyseed color on The Arcadia Dura Supreme Cabinets creates a show-stopping metallic look, especially when paired with the Serene Top Knobs Hardware in Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Shaw Floors designed this beautiful Pavilion Style Tuftex Carpet in Luxe Oasis, which is leaving our jaws dropped! The rich blue tones and subtle gold hues outlining the geometric pattern is stunning, and works really well with the cabinet selection. The final piece of this mood board that we must not forget is the backsplash. Soho Studio’s knew what they were doing when they designed this Deviation tile in Textured Copper. This tile is beautiful alone, but when paired with the other elements in the room, the entire look comes together. Do you prefer a bold kitchen like this?

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