Merry, Merry Moodboard

This Merry Merry Mood board is starting to look a lot like Christmas! Our designers at Adda Carpet & Flooring created this mood board in honor of the holidays, and wanted to incorporate that “Merry” feeling From cabinet to flooring. With Christmas in mind, our designers chose elements that specifically pair nicely with our Christmas and holiday home decorations. To begin, they chose the Statuary White Unpolished tile from Viking Distributors, Inc. . This tile has the most beautiful markings, and the unpolished white surface resembles fluffy white snow fallen to the ground.

The high contrast between this flooring and the cabinet selection gives a lovely aesthetic. For the cabinets, our designers chose the Silverton Dura Supreme Cabinetry in Jasper. We love the rich, black tone of this cabinet- and the combination of the cabinet and tile selections has us envisioning Santa Claus’ big black boots paired with his curly white beard on Christmas Day! The final element of this Merry Merry Moodboard is the Haniburton Hardware in Unlacquered Brass from Schaub & Company. This unlacquered brass resembles a Christmas bell or an ornament placed on the Christmas tree. We love how each element in this mood board resembles some aspect of the Christmas, and pairs nicely with any holiday home decor. Do you decorate your home for the holidays? We Ho Ho Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and love our Merry Merry Mood Board!

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